About Integrated Alliance, L.P.


What we do:

Integrated Alliance streamlines the sales process by taking calls directly from Cable TV Direct Sales Reps and entering the orders into our clients’ billing and dispatch system. This reduces errors, provides tracking and analysis and ensures customers receive their services in a timely manner. This makes customers happy and keeps Direct Sales Reps motivated.

How we do it:

We focus on needs of our stakeholders: Our clients, their customers and our employees.

Our clients need us to be quick and affordable. Their customers need us to be accurate.

Our employees need us to be supportive and focused on quality.

By making sure Integrated Alliance meets these needs, we deliver extraordinary results without generating extraordinary costs.

We hire facilitators.

Our agents know that it is vital to Direct Sales Reps that orders are entered quickly. That is why each agent has online access to information specific to each market. This allows them to quickly access information and ensures accuracy.

However, our agents also know Direct Sales Reps want to speak with someone they can relate to. That is why we only hire people who are personable and can understand the stresses the Reps encounter.

As reflected by the feedback we receive from our clients, this approach has been quite successful.



Our founder is a former Direct Sales Representative for a major cable TV company.  We understand what Direct Sales Reps go through and have crafted our services to maximize their selling time.


Integrated Alliance has been serving the cable industry since 1984.  No one is better at supporting direct sales. We know cable, we are cable.


Our flexibility gives us the freedom to develop an agile infrastructure capable of adapting to market changes and challenges.  This allows us to maximize our clients’ success while keeping costs under control.